About Us

     Moralı Consultancy & Law Firm was founded by Att. Münip Mor and Att. Zehra Mor in 2006 in Istanbul. Since the first   day, Moralı Consultancy & Law Firm has worked to provide optimum solutions for the best interest of his clients before   any legal dispute and significant problems have arisen to allow them have the desired results in a safer and faster way.

     The firm provides legal consulting and litigation services for individuals and companies in many industries including   tourism, construction and finance industries in local and international markets. Moralı Consultancy & Law Firm principle   is to secure rights and interests of its clients at the start of their legal relationships and regularly follows any and all   changes in laws and regulations, prepares monthly reports to ensure fast information flow, analyzes planned projects of   its clients to develop legal strategies, establishes necessary coordination and provides timely and reliable solutions.  

     Moralı Consultancy & Law Firm provides high quality services to its clients with its dynamic staff who has the   experience and skills and a sense of responsibility required for this profession.